Looking for an employee?

Logart offers Contract and Permanent Placements based on well understood your company needs. Our know-how enables us to custom design individual recruitment strategies and assessment processes for each individual client and situation.

In our database we have thousands of skilled and experienced specialists of various professions.
If needed we arrange a complex major recruitment campaign to attract workforce available in the market.
Also we want to give you access to the most talented candidates in the industry through Executive Search. Not all candidates are registered at recruitment consultancies. Not all candidates read the trade press to look at the latest job advertisements and advertisements do not guarantee a response.
Therefore, the people Logart will speak to on your behalf are the best candidates in the industry, in the right companies and with the right experience.
We will pre-screen, interview and evaluate these potential candidates, to deliver a shortlist that is acceptable to you; ultimately providing the best candidate for the job.

By using the services of a leading placement and recruiting firm like Logart, you can:

  • save time: no resumes to sort through, no phone calls and unproductive interviews,
  • greately increase the probability of hiring axclusive “top” people,
  • save money: no ads to run, no responses to send out,
  • concentrate on making only the critical final selection from a few qualified candidates- instead of wasting your time first developing the short- list,
  • conduct discrete searches for new personnel in sensitive hiring situations.

What candidates you might be interested in? Please write to: logart@logart.info