HR and payroll services

An increasing number of companies are entrusting HR and payroll-related matters to external partners. Total savings resulting from this solution can reach 30%.

Our HR and payroll services include:

  • keeping personnel records required by the labour code
  • entering, updating and archiving employee data in the IT system
  • registering and deregistering employees in the Social Insurance Institution
  • handling all matters related to employment for employees
  • working time settlement and control
  • calculating remuneration, sick pay, sickness, maternity and paternity benefits, preparing payrolls
  • sick leave registration
  • drawing up documents related to employment: agreements, medical examination referrals, notices, employment certificates, salary certificates and more
  • interfacing with external temporary employment agencies with regard to delegating orders, reporting working time and verifying settlements
  • meeting the obligations imposed on employers by the Act on personal data protection
  • regular visits by one of our employees on site (as required)
  • additional expert support in HR and payroll-related matters, with optional weekly visits

Advantages of using external HR and payroll services:

  • Reduced costs. HR and payroll services costs less than hiring a full-time HR and Payroll Department employee when outsourced.
  • Additional savings related to no paid time off, sick leaves, overtime, maternity leaves or other benefits to which full-time HR and Payroll employees are entitled.
  • Immediate and professional replacements or additional support guaranteed if necessary.
  • Highly skilled and involved employees, expert support regarding labour law, changing HR and payroll laws and OHS.
  • Guaranteed discretion regarding remuneration.
  • Discounts on additional services such as: recruitment and provision of temporary employees.