Human resource and payroll service

More and more companies decide to entrust human resource and payroll service to outside partner. Total savings with use of such solution reaches 30%.

Our human resource and payroll service involves:

  • running employees personal files in scope resulting from labor law
  • entering, updating and archiving human resource data in IT system
  • registering and unregistering employees in Social Insurance Institution
  • running employees issues resulting from employment relationship
  • settling and control of work time
  • calculating work compensation, sickness payment, sickness benefits, maternity allowances and attendance allowances, preparing payrolls
  • registration of sick leaves
  • preparation of documents connected with employment: contracts, referrals for examinations, warnings, employment certificates, salary certificates and others
  • service of outside temporary employment agencies in scope of transferring orders, reporting work time and control of correctness of payoffs
  • realization of tasks required from employers by Personal Data Protection Act
  • regular presence of our employee in customer headquarters (frequency according to need)
  • additional expert support in area of human resources and payrolls with possibility of weekly visits

Advantages of using outside human resource and payroll service:

  • Lower costs. Human resource and payroll service in outsourcing is cheaper that employing full-time Human Resource and Payroll employee
  • Additional savings connected with lack of vacations, sickness payments, overtime, attendance allowances and other benefits due to full-time Human Resource and Payroll employee
  • Guaranteed immediate and professional substitution or additional support in case of need
  • High competition of engaged people, expert support in area of labor law, changing human resource and payroll laws and health and safety laws
  • Maintaining full confidentiality of payrolls in company
  • Discount for additional services, like: recruitment and lending temporary employees