About us

Logart Personnel Consulting is a recruitment company and a temporary employment agency that offers its services since 2003. We specialize in servicing of TSL companies (transport, shipping, and logistics) and production companies.

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Our mission

We support development of our customers by guarantying them optimum personnel solutions. We are helping people to find better environment to realize their professional goals.

Historical overview

Logart company was founded in 2003 by people with perennial managerial experience in areas of production and logistics.

Over the period 2003-2004 key area of its activity was mediation in area of employing Polish employees at foreign employers. During this period we were sending employees mostly to following countries: Great Britain, Ireland, USA, United Arab Emirates, Jordan.

Since 2005 our company is one of the leaders in TSL (transport, shipping, and logistics) area. Such specialization on Polish market was settled by two factors:

  • identified lack on the market of recruitment agencies that not only knows rules of professional recruitment but also are experts in area of logistic services and processes,
  • perfect market knowledge, both employees and employers that works in TSL area.

To date over 40 known logistic companies trusted us. Among them you can find prestigious shipping corporations, international shippers and global logistic operators.

In 2007 scope of services that our company offers was enlarged by lending temporary employees. Under labor leasing our customers gets experienced employees mostly for production, bulk breaking and storage positions.

High quality of provided services makes us recruit employees for constantly increasing number of recognized brands that represents many different industries. Group of our customers was joined among others by: biggest European building corporation, prestigious sport clubs and international airlines.

Area of work

Thanks to efficient agency network we realize recruitment and advisory projects in following countries:

  • Great Britain,
  • Ireland,
  • Lithuania,
  • Slovakia,
  • Romania,
  • Germany,
  • Spain,
  • Portugal,
  • USA,
  • Canada,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Jordan.